Digital Language Vitality Scale

Digital Language Vitality Scale
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The Digital Language Vitality of a language is the extent to which that language is present, used and usable over the Internet and digital devices (PCs as well as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, Internet TV, etc.).

There are different levels of digital vitality: a language can be used extensively over all devices and in all domains, or it can lack the very basic infrastructure to be used. The DLDP has developed a scale to approximately assess digital vitality, by evaluating a number of parameters.

The Digital Language Vitality Scale is an instrument that can be used by language communities for assessing the level of digital vitality of their language and help them plan ahead the measures they wish to take in order to increase the digital use of their language.

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Here is a link to the the DLDP Reports about the status of four regional and minority languages of Europe: Basque, Breton, Karelian and Sardinian. Each language survey gave different results in terms of digital requirements. Importantly, the survey gives an indication of the actual language community requirements and underlines why a full survey of the digital needs of all European RMLs is needed.